Is there a way to change the driver letter the game checks on? -1 reply

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4th August 2004

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#1 15 years ago

So i bought Battlefront 2 and installed it with my D: Drive but after installing it i wanna put away my disc so it doesn't get scratched or anything like that (Since i always take care of my discs). I downloaded a Mini Image that is suppose to work but when i mount it it says to insert the disc to drive D:

Is there a way to change the drive letter the game goes to, to check?

And don't worry i didn't pirate the game i have disc and i can take a photo of it to prove it. I just wanna protect my disc since it cost me $50 plus tax.


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#2 15 years ago

Yes, there is. Use sr7.stop to hide the drives (then close out so that the game doesn't read it) after mounting the image on something like alcohol 120%. If that doesn't work, then one more additional thing can be done. go to file and download dameon tools 3.47, not 4.0 and then when you install it; just click on the icon and the icon will appear in your tray on your toolbar. then right click on it and go to emulation and click select all. BTW: dont forget to close out of sr7.stop.exe. Then when you open my computer, the program should appear on a new drive letter with the Battlefront icon (works with B1 and B2) this way you do not have to use the original or any disk for that matter.