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#1 14 years ago

Ok I downloaded a custom map HothAssault ok I did the Addon thingie and stuff. I start the game and I get this error here take a look at it :help: :tommygun: sorry Iam on dial-up Very laggy so ugh I attachted the file please help thanks madx.gifmy.php?image=untitled1copy9tv.pngmy.php?image=untitled1copy9tv.pngmy.php?image=untitled1copy9tv.pngmy.php? Please help I really would like to play some custom maps. I first did what Iam supposed to do. I get the specific folder the Readme tells me in the file I download then I make the Addon folder. I insert the map. Then I start SWBF I get the error and the game exits on picture I just attached please help me... I realy want to play custom maps, stock maps are sucking now. Sorry If Iam being noobie and its my first post but I have been spectating the forums for a answer so I decided to make a username and post please help....

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#2 14 years ago

Are you all patched up and stuff? I haven't downloaded many BF mods myself, but if it's a C++ error that's definitely not good... may be a conflict somewhere. Make sure your copy of Battlefront is updated, and if it is then check to see if the map's the problem. Of course I'm really hoping that someone who knows something comes around to help you, but I tried... :P


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#3 14 years ago

madx.gifMan I realy need help here I asked like 20 people and no absolute answer to my issue I think I might have discovered a bug please check the picture I posted evry1 I need help here