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#1 11 years ago

Hey guys, I'll just cut to the MP. The 110th Bursa Corps is a clan for battlefront 2. For the moment. I'm thinking on expanding it, but thats not the point lol. We're based on a 'Corps' like military unit.

There are 2 main Legions/Divisions, that ppl can join if they want, however they are optional. The 383rd Assault Division, which bases on Heavy Weaponry, and assaults on enemy installations, or installations in general.

And the 515th Convoy Battalion, which bases on skills with Vehicular combat, and maneuvers, as well as scouting, and expedition runs when needed.

Soooo, there are already Commanders for these Divisions, and they're nice guys. We have forum up, but as for servers, I plan to rent server space at a place close by where I live, so that should be up in around the next week.

We base ourselves from the GAR and Empire, but as you'll see....mostly Republic lol.

If anything the board is to discuss strategies and such...so drop by!

The 110th Bursa Corps

EDIT: We are also BRAND NEW, like 3 or 4 days old, so our member count is around 5....but we hope to grow.

Capital Down series pwns....sry had to say it....=p