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22nd August 2008

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CEMainLogo-SOLO.pngGreetings From the Commanded Elites. Let us tell you a little bit about us: Commanded Elites was founded by Tripz and Chris in October 2008. We are a world wide gaming community who's primary mission is enjoyment within the online Star Trek gaming world. We are actively recruiting members new and old, so come along and join the fun. Tripz stepped down as Fleet CO in late october 2008, and as a result Chris was opted as his replacement and Chaos was made Fleet XO. The Commanded Elites High Command compose of 5 Fleet Ranking officers, the idea of the Council is to help the Fleet XO and the Fleet CO with decisions that will direct the clans future, and make a steady path to follow, The Fleet XO and Fleet CO have the final say in the matter, but the council will help the decision by showing new ideas or ways around a decision that would not have been in the fleets best interests. The permanent council members are Fleet Admiral Chris, Admiral Chaos, Vice Admiral Data, Rear Admiral Tyler and Commodore Tripz. Our solid chain of command will resolve all fleet issues in a fair and timely manner, and will always keep the fleet and members best interests first. Our fleet policies and procedures are carefully designed to streamline fleet operations. Commanded Elites pride ourselves on our diplomatic treaties and our policy of non agression towards all fleets, we as a fleet are peaceful and wish to remain as such. We offer prospects for promotion and more responsibilities, departmental positions, even divisional positions. We offer the finest training in our exclusive academy, Our stable structure will ensure the best roleplay experience and we have officers with over 50 years combined experience. All together we ensure the best possible enviroment for all ages. What Games do we support? We support the most Star Trek Games that is most active around the clanning community these are: Star Trek Bridge Commander Star Trek Elite Force 1 Counter Strike Source (Day Of Defeat, BattleFront2) and the Star Trek Online when it comes out Feel like you want to join us? It's a simple step to join us, all you need to do is go to Commanded Elites | [CE] | enlistment and read the intructions on how to join us.You are reminded to fill out the online Enlistment form and regisiter on our forum and post an oath. After that you will be accepted within hours. Our main Site is located at Commanded Elites | [CE] | Homepage We look forward to seeing you join Commanded Elites. Thank you for reading.