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#1 15 years ago

Clan Name: CovertCommandos Clan tag: {CvC} Tryout required?: Yes Website:

When you are at website go to a topic called "PLEASE read: info before trying out, read that (this topic is in recruiting section of forums) then make a topic in forums and post with subject about joining the clan such as "I wish to join your clan" you should register though before posting. We are in much need of new members so please consider joining

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#2 15 years ago

Looks good. A little more info would be helpful for anyone wanting to join. For example: 1) Where is your clan based? I.E. country 2)are there any requirements to get in? e.g. good teamwork skills. 3)do you offer in-game communication facilities, like Teamspeak or Ventrilo? 4) How long do your game servers run for/ is the server run daily/weekly/24/7. Thats about all the questions I was asked when recruiting for the clan I am a leader of. Good luck with recruiting. I would reccomend also signing up to the Central outpost ( And the clanyellowpages (


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#3 15 years ago

thanks we are based in the US we run a server weekly (Thursday) server:CvC Pwnage!! times: 2:30 PM CST - 3:30 PM CST our clan is based on the PS2 only and the requirements to get in are well just do your best it really depends on how many kills you get, or awards but really we need to see how you do,but most likely anyone can get in, they just need to be active members oh and one more, thing please don't think of me as leader i only posted here because we need more people, desperatly because CvC is going though some dark times, with the leader going off to another clan, right now our leader is Defyance, because he has adminstration rights for out site now one last thing, try to get a mic it helps so that we can communicate better, also download YIM or AIM so that we can talk about strategy before going into battle or just talk.