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swbf2_2copy.jpg Welcome to Mad 4 Gaming (=M4G=) =M4G= is a gaming community for the mature gamer. We specialize in multiplayer competitive games. It is run by gamers for gamers. We pride ourselves on being a completely cheat free clan. We have the highest level of anti cheat programmes possible, we are active members of punksbusted.com. All the servers in the punksbusted programme are updated daily from a master ban list, if a cheat is found, they will be automatically banned from all the servers in the programme. Any cheat found on any of our servers will be banned instantly and their ip, name & GUID will be sent to all available server admin’s in the gaming community.

We are a clan that recruits players of all standards. Whether you are an experienced player, or a total newcomer to Battlefield 2 or Special Forces, COD2 or CSS, and have never played on-line before, you are welcome to come and join us. The only criterion is we prefer you to be 16 years of age or over.


=M4G= is an inclusive clan that recruits Battlefield 2 and Special Forces, COD2 and CSS players of all standards and nationalities. We are not interested in your color, creed or location. Whether you are a previous clan member from BF2, COD2, CSS or another game or a total newcomer to on-line gaming you are welcome to come and join us on our dedicated Teamspeak server. The server address for our TS server is:


We also have the benefits of sponsorship for our servers by Mad4servers, who can offer gaming servers at competitive rates for all your gaming needs, and can be found at:


If you have any server requirements, or advice don’t hesitate to log on and take a look to rent hi-spec low cost servers for all your gaming needs.

If you have never been a clan member before, don’t be daunted. It is easy to join us, just go onto our website at: www.mad4gaming.com

Just go to the join us section and apply to join.

We look forward to meeting you!


You can contact me on MSN - [email]vimes01@hotmail.com[/email] and i will help sort you out.

please reply to this post just so we know who we are getting and where from.

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ph34r teh stickeh:

Lord WienerHello clanners, After majorly cleaning up the forum, I'm hereby stating the painfully obvious: [COLOR=Red]Each clan may have one thread, and one thread only. Also, you will not spam up the other clan's thread by posting your own all over the place.



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