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Greetings from The Rebel Ground Forces! :cya:

RGF is a gaming club that has been around since April 14th, 2000 where we supported the original Jedi Knight. These days we support Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast and Star Wars Battlefront 2 (you do not have to play all games). We currently have about 50 members with an active status from all over the world and more in our reserves. And we are always looking for more members :).

RGF has an open-enlistment policy, meaning you can join no matter what, no skill is necessary. We do have an elite division - the Jedi Council which requires an invitation to join. If you go on our website, just click on the enlist button - fill out the forms and enjoy your stay with us in the RGF. Here is a direct link to our website Rebel Ground Forces. For more info go there or read below.

How we run things:cool:: [COLOR=Black] - Ranks, Promotion Requirements & The Council:[/COLOR] We have a military based ranking system, you advance in rank easily by being active and participating in events. We also have a Jedi Council which you can get invited into, if you'r active and support the clan enough to be recognized for your efforts.

- Events: We keep active with about 3-5 Events monthly, each event running for 7-31days, events includes everything from battles with other clans to internal fights. Events are listed and set up on

- Stats & Awards: Stats are tracked in all of our events, we use Battlestats for this. Kills/points and everything that comes with it is easily tracked there and we have awards and medals for your acomplishments. - Communication & Servers: We operate mostly on our own servers for all games (Both american and Euro based), we use Xfire as our main form of IM service and have our website hosted within the DJO community (Rebel Ground Forces).

Go to our website if you're interested in joining, or have any questions regarding the clan (you can also leave me a message).:deal: -Nuoragh