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8th July 2006

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#1 13 years ago

Hi guys, Some of you may know me already but my new name is yankeefan05. I never asked a FF admin to change it yet. I am with The Resistance clan, TR. Also named Resistance Gaming in Guild Wars. We play SWBF2, BF2142, EaW (and FoC), Guild Wars (GW, all versions), JA, and SWG (mostly ED). We are recruiting kind and helpful players. There are no mandatory practices but activity is good. Please try to be active on the forums. Xfire and TeampSpeak is requried. To join, please register on our forums at and make a topic in the "Request to Join" thread and follow format in the pinned topic. Any questions? Contacts: CO of BRC-1 Squad, ChuckNorris xfire: Chuck1Norris email: uncleyarisatgmaildotcom XO of BRC-1 Squad, Church xfire: 1church XO of BRC-2 Squad, Xennmas xfire: heartless559 email: x3mn4satyahoodotcom Cadet and BRC-1 member, yankeefan05 (aka me) xfire: gtyankeefan05 If you have quick questions about us, post below. Any in-depth questions? Ask a member on xfire or email. Thanks, TR_yankeefan05