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#1 13 years ago

Hello Every, Terran Forces is recruiting for there newly formed Star Wars Battlefront 2 Division. We do not accept members on skill, we accept everyone and any age. All of the members of all of the divisions are on Ventrilo all of the time. We are a clan that likes to get together and have some fun and also have some scrims and matches. This is the clans 4th games division we also have a BF2, CS:S and DoD:S division. We are growing by the min. With all game divisions we have about 8 servers, and plan to get more. We also now have our own online store to by Terran Forrces mugs,shirts, mouse pads and so on. If you have in questions please visit us at terranforces.com We Offer: 50 Man Ventrilo: vent2.clanservers.com:4454 Pass = tfvent Star Wars Battlefront 2 Division Website Star Wars Battlefront 2 Division Fourms 24 man Public/Private Server: To check out our server type in Terran Force in the server name window of SWBF2 Thank you for reading and I hope to see you in the fourms