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7th March 2006

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#1 14 years ago

I'll keep this as short as possible. 1st: how about a maze. I dont care what the walls r but I do want a roof over it so noone can cheat by jumping/flying over. have 1 starting CP for each side with 2-4 more placed randomly with a fairly open middle for both CTF's. and the map would have all modes (if possible) with hunt as the 2 units u have to work for to get in conquest and what not (i.e. imp officer, clone jet trooper and the other 6). 2nd: how about a geonoesis spire with a spiral path going up it. 1 CP at the very bottom and 1 at the very top(make sure the top is plenty big enough). then have 2-4 more for u to capture as ur going up or going down it. the map would be mostly the spire with the AI following the path up or down it. again this would have all modes (if possible) with same units for hunt. oh also there would be nothing keeping u from going over the edge. If anything close to these has been done please put up the link to them. But if not can someone :Puppyeyes: pretty :Puppyeyes: do them. Thanks that would be a hoot! w00t!:beer: :smokin: