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#1 8 years ago

Ive been looking for an AI mod to make the computer controled AI in Battlfront 2 stupider, and before you go off and say "wtf man why do u want them stupid, we need more of a challenge" I mean the aspect of the AI being almost Psychic like knowing where you are most all the time, Example: geting to a secluded spot as a sniper and just as you get your target insight he magicly sees you outa nowhere and starts shooting. Plus the aspect of how they consider you the bigest threat out of all other units, like there will be 10 units in a room counting me, and when they walk into the room what of the 10 ppl does he go for? me everytime, plus they will have units closer to then then me and ill be on the other side of a platform and they shoot me. or them being in a vehicle picking out me from any other unit on the field. ya ask me that can get kinda old after awile. dont wanna make it sound like im "QQ"ing as some ppl call it but i just want an even playing field.


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#2 8 years ago

Basicly the AI is simply, Follow the path that was given by the map designer, if they spot you during there patrol, they will attack you.

Any I do understand what you mean by stupider, prehaps we can say act more realistic? Like AI attack the 1st enemies in there sights and not go for you 1st out of 10 ally AI in the room with you?

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