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#1 12 years ago

Ok, not *quite* a mod question, but if anyone knows the answer it'll be you guys. It's also not exactly BF 2 centric (it's a BF 1 issue, but the answer should apply to both so...):

Does anyone know what the files \_LVL_X\Sound\xxx.lvl are used for (hopefully the pc version is the same as xbox/ps2)? Obviously they're sound files for maps, but what sound does it actually contain, and what's the error handling like if they're not accessible?

I ask as I have a BF 1 disc that's giving read errors on the last .5% of \_LVL_XBOX\Sound\rhn.lvl and isn't even starting with \_LVL_XBOX\Sound\kas.lvl, yet both levels appear to load and play fine (tried in galactic conquest and historical mode (i think that's right) with both clone and galacticy dudes (no, I'm not a *huge* fan...). My guess is it's background sound or something, and with it inaccessible it just doesn't play that, but everything sounds normal. I expected a straight out crash when loading the level/s but ain't getting that.

Anyway, thanks for any help.:bows:

EDIT: found this, but doesn't really answer my question, just confirms it probably contains sound files (or use data for them) - Star Wars Battlefront - LVL File Information