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13th September 2005

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#1 12 years ago

The Clone Wars will be expanded to fit a more extreme enviroment when playing on the battlefront 2 maps. This will also contain new maps aswell. In my previous thread it is a workshop kind of thing, letting people know of what i would like to do. The following maps would be made: Mygeeto - Undercity Road Salucemia - Tactical Offense Geonosis - Core Ship Site Coruscant - Republic Gathering Post Kashyyyk - Battle for Kachirio Utapau - Republic Invasion Space - Republic Cruiser Interiors Space - CIS Cruiser Interiors Rhen Var - Harbour Cato Neimodia - Mountain Bridges The following vehicles would be made: UT-AT AT-HE AT-AP

SWamp Speeder I'll add some more here soon..