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12th February 2006

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#1 13 years ago

any one whos ever played republic commando will know what im talking about here. ok so i thought republic commando was way to small and there dunt seem to be multiplayer against bots :( so i thought why not do it in battlefront 2 so here we go Teams Commandos and evil dudes (dun have name yet) on commandos there is commander 3-8 with dc 17m blaster dc 15m and grenades there is also SEV with dc 17m sniper, Fixer with dc 17m blaster and repair tools and scorch with dc-17m anti armor plus grenades on opposite team there is Trandoshan with repeater (that really innacurate hunk of &^%$), trandoshan elite (impossible to kill and have that huge mini-gun like thing you know the ones), Geonosian with force pike thing and geonosian pistol, geonosian elite with pistol and beam weapon, super battle droids and droidekas now for vehicles commandos have 1-2 at-something or other (big 4 leg walker) and most of the turrets seen in the game evil guys have 3-4 spider walkers (no not the ones already in battlefront the cooler looking ones that you have to take down by yourself and one other squad member in the last level and some turrets

thats about all i can think of so far and i know this is a big ask but it would be AWESOME if you need screenies or anything i can get 'em for yaz or of course if there is already a map like this out feel free to tell me thanks in advance