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#1 12 years ago

hello, i am new to modding, although i have programmed in C++ before. I was teaching myself how to use zeroedit by making a map that is the same as the default map except there is a corrider from the tantive IV in it, but for some reason, the map runs fine until i move the mouse, which makes it crash. I copied the following files: from assets\worlds\TAN\msh: Tan4_bldg_corridor.tga Tan4_bldg_corridor_charred.tga Tan4_bldg_corridor_02_a.msh Tan4_bldg_corridor_02_a.msh.option

from assets/worlds/TAN/odf: Tan4_bldg_corridor_02_a.odf

i remembered to make a msh and an odf folder in \data_MAP\worlds\MAP and put the odf in the odf folder. Can someone please help me?