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#1 13 years ago

:( i'm sad. i found out how to load maps into zeroeditor, but nothing works inside the zero editor. so, until i figure this out, i have my map ideas for someone else to take in all the glory. one idea is to have a a large colleseum like from rome, and have two rancors, and a sarlacc pit. then, have some ackley or wampa ai running around. (and if you want a little more fun stuff, you could give them like, roman skins and give them spears for weapons. kinda like a roman colleseum. you don't have to do that.) :) other idea, is a hero assault map. (you can just use mos eisley) have one side be jedi/sith, the other be all bounty hunters. like use a geonosian with unlimited fly, a bothan who has better weapons, the lady bounty hunter from episode 2, ig-88 could have neuro poison, and you could include some guys who made slight appearences in the old movies. (and of course, boba and jango) i hope someone makes one of these, i think they would turn out into really fun maps.


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#2 13 years ago

your ideas sounds cool, well, they are possible to make but if you should make the colloseum you need a modeler, well, i cant make them, i'm busy with 2 of my own maps


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#3 13 years ago
seisca:( i'm sad. i found out how to load maps into zeroeditor, but nothing works inside the zero editor.

After your .wld file is loaded, "Change" layer to "Conquest" and press the "F" key so you can actually see your map. ZeroEditor controls: This is in the Zeroedit documentation, but this covers a few of the basic keyboard shortcuts.

A,W,S, and D keys: These keys can make you go straight forward, straight backward, and side to side, kind of like in the game.

8,4,2, and 6 keys on the numeric keypad: These keys make you slide forward, backward, and side to side over your map, remaining at the same height.

F and V keys: These scroll your screen up and down.

Arrow keys: These turn the camera right, left, up, and down.

"<" and ">" keys: These keys respectivly speed up and slow down the rate at which you move and rotate (very useful).

The Zeroeditor guide is a useful reference tool, and the Getting Started documentation covers several basic concepts, although be warned: the part about adding vehicles is incomplete.