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Arvis Taljik

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22nd October 2006

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#1 12 years ago

I'm looking to convert several of the ships from the space portion of the game out and into another game but am having issues exporting the MSH files. I have yet to find an exporter/importer (converting to OBJ or 3DS prefferably) that doesn't horribly mangle the model beyond recognition. Anyone know of a fool-proof way to cleanly export these models for editing in another program?

Corona Six

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6th September 2008

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#2 12 years ago

This looks like a job for RepSharpshooter.

Try this (this is what your looking for right?): MshEx_beta3.zip - FileFront.com

Don't forget to read this!! :

What it does:
  • Visible mesh (textures, uvs, normals, etc)
  • Nulls
  • Hierarchy
  • Rotation
  • Translation

That's it, don't ask for more.

For XSI Crosswalk 2.6 only. Max's crosswalk doesn't work because of incorrect normal export.

Rules you must follow:

  • Make sure you have Crosswalk 2.6 (you probably don't)
  • A polygon has to be in one and only one cluster at a time.
  • Each cluster must have a local copy of a material (the material name will be italicized = BAD, drag the material from the material editor onto the cluster)
  • There has to be one and only one texture projection (can someone say how to collapse a lot of them into one explicit uv map?)
  • There has to be a null as the parent of everything.
  • You cannot use rotation or scale (well you can use them, but remember to freeze transforms before exporting).
  • You can only use a max of 5000-6000 triangles (polys times two). If you go over that, you're pushing your luck. ZE will freeze/lock up.
  1. Put everything you're going to export under a null (not the scene root).
  2. In the scene explorer, middle-mouse click the name of the null.
  3. Go to file, crosswalk, export (it should be on 6.0 text when it pops up).
  4. Click settings tab.
  5. Select a filename/filepath.
  9. UNCHECK "Keep referenced paths relative"
  10. Press export.
  11. Run mshex in same directory and convert file to a msh. (and if you're really stupid to put it bluntly, this means put the .xsi file in the same folder as mshex.exe and hedr.msh, then double click on mshex. Then type in the .xsi name such as box.xsi)
There! Now start to export beautiful mesh that looks exactly like pandemic rolled it off their exclusive exporter!

EDIT: Oh, wait, 3ds? I think you use 3DSMax, right (someone correct me if I'm wrong?)


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14th June 2008

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#3 12 years ago

meshtool4.zip - FileFront.com

1. Type in msh filename (ex. box.msh) 2. Type in a command:
  • import - converts to obj
  • glow - applies glowmap to a specific matd (material)
  • envmap - applies envmap to a specific matd (material)
  • bumpmap- applies bumpmap + specular (better than just bumping with a msh.option)

3. To use glow, bump, or envmap, it will ask you for a matd index number. (which material to env/glowmap). It now displays the texture names: 0. (texture name here) 1. (texture name here) 2. (texture name here)

etc just pick the MATD (material) that you want to envmap. Anyways, put it to good use, make things glowy, bumpy, and shiny. Works well with mshex.

Also, glowing, bumping, and enving will produce a meshfilename.m5h (I was too lazy to rename it, so I just changed msh to m5h). Just rename your mshfile.m5h to msh and this is the glowed or enved one.


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5th May 2006

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#4 12 years ago

I'm pretty sure converting battlefront models to a different game would be very illegal.