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The patch should be completed in about a week. BUT, it has to go through testing and may or may not be bundled with a LEVEL EDITOR application. It will depend on when the LEVEL EDITOR is complete.

So, don't expect it next week. This patch addresses the dual core CPU issue along with other technical bugs, but may include some gameplay and user interface fixes. Don't expect any new levels, weapons or characters, etc., in this patch.

-k This comes from a reliable source. As to their being another patch, it's very likely. The merger with Bioware has given Pandemic a great deal of new resources and the good word is that they are intent on making this game a success. As for modding, they will be actively seeking to get the community active in the mod department, in an attempt to increase the games popularity and longevity. Hope this makes some of the doubters cheer up a little. Merry Christamas.