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2nd June 2005

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#1 12 years ago

Now that the mod tools are out, i'm gotten kinda interested in modding this game. Since they have a tutorial for making a jedi, which to me seems like generally a tutorial to create units, this mean it wouldn't be too impossible to make a mainly side mod that either makes the players into mobile suits or makes them into Naturals and Coordinators(meaning a lot of modeling in both cases) and possibly making a space map where you board i.e. Murasames(Gundam SEED Destiny for those who haven't seen it. And they aren't mainly humanoid mobile suits, they can morph into planes, which would be the form used in this case, in case it wouldn't be possible to make a humanoid ship in bf2) and the capital ships are ships like the Archangel or Minerva(Destiny too) If i could get help from modellers and mappers, this might be very possible as far as i can see. So what i'd need is people who can take any of these slots: * Modeller capable of using any program that can make XSI model files (or who can learn in a fairly short amount of time), preferrably capable of working from one of the thousands of pics you can find from Gundam SEED/Destiny or from the anime episodes(of which i have lots) * Mapper (who knows how to or can learn how to use ZeroEditor) And possibly (since it would be really neat if implemented ;)): * Animator capable of using whatever program that is compatible with what the documentation tells you to do (it didn't really say much about choice of program if you ask me) * Ideas for stuff to make in the mod Since i've tried mapping, modelling and animating myself and so far has failed terribly, i'd be trying to do all odf writing and such, since that's what i'm capable of :P I might be able to attempt animating myself, but it wouldn't be the highest priority anyway at first i guess. And something else that could be handy is to have seen Gundam SEED/Destiny or to watch it as soon as possible. I'ven ever really made a working mod for swbf2(due to my failures in the areas mentioned above), but i'm hoping this might actually get anywhere(i've always tried to do stuff alone) I'm also going to be posting this on a few other related forums. And please give me your opinions of these ideas(obviously;)), preferrably a bit deeper than "Gudnam seed an/or anime suckz00rz lolz!!1"(people like that seem to exist everywhere you see. No offense to anyone except those who actually are like that)