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14th August 2010

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#1 8 years ago

Please Help! I've been working on a map for a little while and when I go to munge it so I can see how it looks in the game, it munges fine but when I load SWBF2 and then the map all I get is a black field with no objects. Please help. I can't find anything about this problem on the internet. -iRock96- :confused::mad: Update: The problems seems to be that visual munge doesn't include the objects and textures. I find this wierd and as I said before I can't find any answers on the internet. I am also getting an error from visual munge: ERROR[levelpack shell.req]:Input file shell.req does not exist. [continuing] 1 Errors 0 Warnings


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16th January 2008

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#2 8 years ago

I'm surpprized father has not come by here yet? Anyways! When ya 1st created a map, assuming your SWBF2 modtools were install all on default location which is here: C:\BF2_ModTools, Do you run Modtools VisualMunge.exe from this location: C:\BF2_ModTools\data\_BUILD. You gave it a 3 letter name which is? You gave it a full world name! You gave a discription of the world! You check atleast 1 game mode? (Recommended game mode: (Conquest)) You hit create world and waited till it said your world was done!! Now you must run Modtools VisualMunge.exe from this location from now on: C:\BF2_ModTools\data_ABC\_BUILD NOTE: ABC is a 3 letter world dummy name. Also zeroeditor.exe must be ran from here from now on: C:\BF2_ModTools\data_ABC. Now, did you make a side? If so, whats it called? Is it 3 or 4 letters? If so, did ya select your side in the munge menu to be munge?