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#1 4 years ago

Hello Battlefront 2 users, mappers and modders ! You're my only hope !

I want to finished a mod by moddifying units and heroes for several maps and sides.

For several modification, it's easy and I've succeeded at it but for several ones, it's a failure.

For exemple, I cannot replace Darth Maul by Count Dooku in several maps, due to the name size. It's the same for replacing Boba Fett/The Emperor by Darth Vader in several maps.

So, I'm searching for a solution here. Please I need your help !

Final question:

It is possible to put Asajj Ventress (the MarvelEra's map packs based on the Xbox DLC's maps one) in Yavin 4 (the Star Wars Battlefront 2 map) as hero for the CIS in place off Darth Maul ? If yes, can you explain me how, step by step ?