I need vehicles, or this map's gonna tank. -1 reply

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25th February 2006

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#21 13 years ago

Vehicles are more complex than adding objects. It goes something like this , find the common ODFs files , find the vehicle spawn odf (looks like a big white arrow) place it where the vehicle goes. type in the NAME of the odf file of the vehicle you want to spawn in the right side column that appears with the arrow in the place it associates with (if its an empire vehicle use the column for empire ) to the left assign which team its going to be used by (note all vehicles spawn by Cps , important) so dont put a vehicle for REBS on a imp Cp or it wont spawn until rebs have the Cp. Now make a region shaped like a rectangle and call it CP (use the name of the CP close to it) if its CP1 call this region box CP1 control . make the box as tall as the CP capture region box but wider. munge it and test. Like i said it's kind of tricky compared to adding objects.



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23rd April 2006

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#22 13 years ago

o i nvr added that region thingy