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#1 8 years ago

Hi guys,

I made a mod with the rep_inf_ep3_rocketeer. I wanted to increase the damage radius of the rocket, so i copied over the odfs of rep_inf_ep3_rocketeer, rep_weap_inf_rocketlauncher into a folder called RDF(stands for redefined).I made the .reqs and made the folders and .bats in the _BUILD folder and everything. It munges but when i go into game and go to character selection where it should show "Heavy Troooper" it shows up as 0x6382HE83 or something like that, and the weapon name instead of "Rocket Launcher" shows up as rdf_weap_inf_rocketlauncher. I've searched through all the files in the BF2_modtools dir and still havent come across any naming files, though i think the .cfg's in localization folder are responsible for it. I wish some1 like the guy who made the KOTOR mod which has proper names for new unit classes could help me with this.


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#2 8 years ago

Go into your mod tools folder. C:\BF2_ModTools Then go into your map folder. C:\BF2_ModTools\data_??? Then double click on this file here circled in red shown in the picture below. localize.jpg Now go to entity and manually add your 3 letter map-ID by right clicking on entity and add scope and naming it to your 3 letter side. enynb.jpg Then right click your newly added side and choose add key amd name it to your soldiers odf name. Example: (rep_inf_ep3trooper) NOTE: R84 is my sides name. addedsidetrooper.jpg Then click on your newly added trooper and go to the box shown in the picture below and name the trooper to what-ever (Example: Rifleman) typesave.jpg Then save. The save takes about a min or 2. So relax. Then munge and go see your newly named trooper. Also weapons, armor, map can be named and renamed here too. Enjoy.:moon: Just a minor correction, You only add inf_rifleman and not r84_inf_rifleman. The side name should have been already added as a scope. (r84)