need help with space maps, anyone? -1 reply

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#11 13 years ago

Guess what. He did give the layman's explaination, and being German has nothing to do with not understanding it. Its lack of a technical (or logical) mindset. Basically you don't understand the vernacular and language of how the ModTools (and possibly other programs) work. Hence you don't "get" the instructional docs.

Words of Wisdom. The experienced modders you plague (yes that word is appropriate) with your noob questions (which are answered in the docs no less) figured out all of it from those docs that you despise so much. The more advanced stuff you see done was figured out through experimentation, comparing notes, an because they already Know/Learned the Basics.


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#12 13 years ago

sorry:confused: I don't understand it the first time, but then I try it again and it start good (I can start by the new cp in game) sorry:(

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