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23rd April 2006

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#1 13 years ago

Ok I am new to modding and my map is called Asteroid of Death. Im trying to fix some stuff but its not going well. This is my "first" map. First is in parantheses because i hav made 4 or 5 other maps none of which turned out good/worked correctly. It's a medium sized crater on a asteroid that has life on it and has a thin, but capable to live on, atmosphere. There are 4 cps and a large area in the middle with lots of helth/ammo droids to use. CW Story: The republic have intersepted a cis fridgite in mid space. They shot down the fridgite and it crashed on a nearby asteroid. The republic went down to check out the crash site under the command of ObiWan. The asteroid apparently had an atmosphere. There was a storm and the republic ship was struck by lightening while entering the atmosphere. Now the two armies must battle to survive.

Things left to do: 1: Get my vehicle spawn points to work. 2: Get my vehicle recharge droids to work. 3: Add more vehicle spawn points for ships. 4: Add locals (still deciding on class). 5: Change sky to space. 6: Add the crash site. 7: Ai run to the crater walls and just stay there like they r tryin to get in the wall or something. Bugs/Glitches: 1: Sometimes if you run at a wall (usually a corner) u fall through and die. Any help would be great.

PS: It is currently a beta version 0.7