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4th September 2010

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#1 8 years ago

Hi I was Wondering if anyone could make a New Republic mod (after the Emperor was killed and the Jedi order was Re-estabilished and Luke was Jedi Grand Master) With the Yuzong Vong and the Killiks from the Dark Nest Trilogy where the Chiss are attacking the Insectoid Race! If any one needs pictures of what they look like than i could find them cause Im no modder and you could buy the books to find out what new vehicles are in the New Republic like the Killik DartShips and the jedi black Stealth XJ3 with Shadow Bombs If any one can do all this than That would be great!! Cause a lot of people would love this mod PS. I would like to be included in the credits as the one who came up with the Idea If you need any Pictures My Email is [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] and i will send them to you :saber::redx::Puppyeyes::KTA: