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9th July 2009

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#1 11 years ago

Hey, I'm new to here, and I need some help. My mod is called the Mandalorian Wars (The fight between the Mando's and the Old Republic). Here is a list of problems with my mod: 1. Whenever I switch to my second primary weapon, I can't switch back to my first one (I put a flamethrower as a second primary weapon and it would switch to that weapon, but I wasn't able to switch back to my first primary weapon). 2. When I hover around with his jetpack, he would go extremely slow moving around in the air. 3. If I put an imperial or CIS or any other type of pistol as his second primary, the game would crash. Is it something wrong with his ANIMS? 4. Whenever i open Zero Editor, It says, "Zero Editor has encountered a problem and needs to close. Sorry for the inconvinience. Please post any ideas on what may be the problem on any of them. Thanks!


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#2 11 years ago

I moved both of your posts from the thread you originally posted them at and created a separate thread for you. Please be patient and don't post about this outside of this thread. It's really not nice to hijack someone else's thread with your own problems. Thank you. :don:


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16th January 2008

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#3 11 years ago

1) Did you make sure that theres no channel=1 on the primarys. If so it would go with the items selection. Should look like this WEAPONSECTION = 2 WeaponName2 = "cis_weap_hero_flamethrower" WeaponAmmo2 = 3 Did you move the correct files to your sides folders? .msh , .odf , .tga 2) problems might lay here. Heres the original Jetpack status. //JET JUMP JetJump = "7.0" //7 //The initial jump-push given when enabling the jet JetPush = "8.0" //The constant push given while the jet is enabled (20 is gravity) JetAcceleration = "30.0" //Acceleration while hovering. JetEffect = "cis_sfx_jetpack" JetType = "hover" JetFuelRechargeRate = "0.12" //Additional fuel per second (fuel is 0 to 1) JetFuelCost = "0.15" //Cost per second when hovering (only used for jet-hovers)(fuel is 0 to 1) JetFuelInitialCost = "0.25" //initial cost when jet jumping(fuel is 0 to 1) JetFuelMinBorder = "0.24" //minimum fuel to perform a jet jump(fuel is 0 to 1) To go faster, you want ot raise the JetAcceleration = "30.0" //Acceleration while hovering to a higher number. Note: If you put 0.30, Means you will go ral slow. 30.0 Means you will go fast. It's all I can think off. Sorry.