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#1 13 years ago

Hi there! I can't edit scripts so I search for modders. It's about my first mod called Chiss commando( the mod is for Dagobah, Coruscant( with changed textures ) and Space Felucia( with changed textures ) I have ready skins for my new units( for the Empire, Rebels and Chiss)

The mod's story is situaded after the GCW and views the battle in the hand of Thrawn. Ten years afters Luke's and Mara's visit on the Chisses Homeworld the Alliance send a group of stormtroopers and elite republic soldiers to see how the things are going there. But the blue-skinned aliens weren't very happy. When the small group of soldiers arived on the planet, they were attacked.

My units are ready, but I'll just say three of them:

Heavy scout trooper(Jet) Sniper rifle FC-1 flechette launcher Mines Sonic grenade

Republic Elite soldier Chaingun ARC caster Thermal detonator Detpack

Chiss commando 84-U hunting rifle SG-4 Blaster Carbine Poison grenade

The MOD replaces: Rebels: Alliance( New Republic and Empire) Empire: Chiss comandos

:saber: :uhh: [SIZE="7"] [COLOR="red"]If you wanna help me SEND ME PM[/COLOR][/SIZE] :saber: :uhh: