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21st August 2008

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#1 12 years ago

Ok so i know that there are like a million different sides modifications. And before i go any further, i will quote myself "i dont know anything, nor do i have the time to mod." If someone is willing to take time and make mods just for fun, then i have ne idea if you could make me happy ( and possibly others) My request is for a new kind of mod that has already occured, but i wanted more units. This was Battlefront Extreme. Hahaha i finally got it to work, and i was quite amazed. My hope is that someone could create a side using about maybe ehh... hmm.. 15 max soldier classes. like a mando here and thereon different maps, a commando (already done in BFX) a commander (already done) a captain, shadow trooper... etc etc. just an idea that i would love to have, in the standards i would like to see. plus have all the Actual skins (as BFX happened to do) just asking!! lemme know!! a map relating to this request is under way, but i dont know if it will entail what im requesting!! thank you!!!