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#21 11 years ago

I agree with vf501, when i made my mod most of the clone commanders take on the model of a trooper. example: I have two clone trooper skins. One i want for the commander, one forthe trooper. for the trooper i do normal reskinning. for the commander i copy all of the troopers things in the msh folder and paste them there. so now i have "copy of rep_inf_ep3trooper.***" one for each file. then i must rename them to be, i dont know, "rep_inf_ep3krooper"(note the k instead of the t) and then i open up all the things of the krooper that are .msh files in a HEX EDITER(do a google) and do a replace or searc for "rep_inf_ep3trooper.tga" and have it replace(or oyu can) it to "rep_inf_ep3krooper" that way it knows to chose that that model belongs to that skin. Then in the commander's(since krooper is for the commander) odf fiile, which is named "rep_inf_ep3officer" i think. MAKE SURE IT IS NOT THE DEFAULT ONE. WHICH DOES NOT INCLUDE WHICH MODEL IT USES, JUST THE WEAPONS AND SUCH. The default one has "default" in its name. the one i want you to open has not much in it. In it it should say somthing like, "rep_inf_ep3officer" change it to "rep_inf_ep3krooper" but do not change the first/third person view line to "krooper" it can stay that way or youcan change it to the troopers. Hope this helps, and ZAHADOOM, NOW YOU SEE THAT I DO EXPLAIN THE ODF THINGS! lol