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#1 13 years ago

Just some thoughts and speculation here.

  • Fixing the B-wing's rear turret to allow a gunner seeing as the turret is already rendered, might there simply be a bug in the programming that could be fixed, allowing the turret to be used?
  • Add a terminal or seat within the assault cruisers that would allow the Frigates to be pilotable, the turrets on the frigate would remain auto, but at least you could re-position the frigate to make it more effective. And possibly fire torpedoes, making the frigates more of a threat to the team as a whole, rather than it being a newbie death trap, it would be a newbie death trap and a threat to the assault cruiser/carrier.
  • change model sizes for space maps, make cruisers and frigates larger, at least twice the size, add second fighter bays, remodel certain features to make the battle more fun, and make people realize that to take down something that big, they have to work together effectively.
  • If the above is done, or at least frigates are made larger, add a one fighter, fighter bay to the frigates and make it a spawn point.
  • remove all special effects other than explosions from the sniper scope to help reduce visual sniper lag on lower or low-middle end systems.
  • reduce fire speed of the X wings, change the sound to better match the movies, and make all four shots come at once, like the movies.
  • If possible, add squadron formations while in space
  • if the Ideas I put earlier for frigates arent good enough, at least do something to make the Frigate a much harder target to kill. I can destroy ALL frigate defences without changing ships or dying, thats just too easy of a way to get a lead on your enemy and has no other purpose other than to get some points. HONESTLY, has anyone EVER been killed by frigate defences? even when your down to 20% health the turrets dont track fast enough to hit you, even if you aren't using evasive maneuvers.
  • give scout fighters more energy to perform more evasive actions.
  • Reduce the Jedi Fighter's damage. It's meant as a scout ship, not a rape everything ship.
  • edit AI to never launch a deployed troop transport
  • add more intricacy to the interior of ships, not just 4 rooms, more like a few hallways, leading off in different directions, a controll room like the tantive's cockpit. A engine Room like the tantives (i think its the engine room, it has the big generator). A shield generator room, with 3 shield tubes, each with 1/3rd the health. and a life support room that is the same as the orriginal.
  • increase thermal detonator dmg OR decrease its timer, not both
  • if possible, turn scout droids into fully AI controlled, you only controll detonation
  • change passenger positions in the Republic/rebellion and imperial transports to show the inside, but not be able to look outside the ship.
  • give all space units jetpacks or at least something to that extent and let them bail from their ships, if they manage to land on part of the ship, they could use detonators on turrets or crytical systems from the exterior, but would have their health depleted over one minute, so if they couldn't get back inside any hanger, or use their jetpacks to get to their pilotless ship, they would die. (it would probably only be better if just transport ships could have passengers jump out like that.

mainly the only thing i wan't is to get to use frigates, and have them actually have an importance in the battle. all the other stuff is just things that would probably give a much more rich roleplaying experience (by roleplaying i mean, considering yourself as the clone,trooper,droid,rebel and experiencing the game to the fullest)