Which line in hex editor determines health for hero -1 reply

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#1 15 years ago

Also is this determined in each section for each level per se, or at the start of the file as a set variable of some kind. I picked this game up when it came out and didnt get into the online play much, got a copy for my brother lastnight and we played againt eachother with as many ai on there as possible hackin at eachother and force throwin guys off platforms and such. Had a lot of fun and got to thinkin some fun stuff could be done here and ran into your topic here and grabbed a hex editor and Im goin to town now. So back to my main topic hehe, where is that line located or what is it called so i can do find on it , that would be great. Talkin about making it so a hero health is like normal health bar and can refil with bacta , as opposed to the hero health bar time limit kill base health. Also would limiting the number of guys spawnin on one team to say yoda and windu result in 32 mace windu and yoda runnin around on one side? If it would how would you change it so just the 2 would spawn? sorry all the questions for first post here but im burstin with em and havin a blast thinkin of all the neato things to do with this hex editor at least until sdk is released :) thanks in advance for any help thrown my way