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27th April 2006

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#1 12 years ago

I've been working on a secret map for my clan *AUS* but it has been 2-3 months and it is only 70% complete, i'm i will be releasing a small map with the Clone Wars sides in it. This map is set just before the secret clan map in the storyline. [COLOR=red]Screenshots:[/COLOR] Click here for screenshots and more info [WARNING: 56k hazard] [COLOR=red]Trailor:[/COLOR] Click here for the trailor I've been working on this "preview" map for about two weeks now and its about 90% complete, just needs some minor texture tweaking, few more obejcts, bug fixing, and XL mode. All the weapons from my Tatooine Valley map have been put in here, and more, the weapons have also been tweaked and fixed, some new weapons /weapon tweaks are the grenades Normal Trooper = Frag Grenade, medium area, medium damage ((new effect)) Heavy Trooper = Thermal Detonator, large area, large damage ((new effect)) Sniper = Plasma Grenade, small area, medium damage, sticks to people, ((new effect)) Jetrooper = Conncusion Grenade, large area, low damage, Shakes screen like crazy for 6 seconds ((new effect)) If you have played my Tatooine Valley map, then you will remember those little annoying tripod turrets, well now, you can control them, though remote terminals inside one of the buildings The map will contain conquest, 64 AI per team XL, 300 AI per team hunt, bounty hunters vs jedi from my Tatooine Valley map, but changed. heres the map for the map, took 51 minutes to make. vdi%5Fmap.jpg In hunt Jango will be there, but with his Wester 34, only one at the moment, I was sick for a week or two so i wasn't able to rotate his second gun around in XSI 5.0 trial before it ran out so for the moment he only has one gun. [COLOR=red]Status[/COLOR] 99% complete, Final Multiplayer bug testing [COLOR=red]PS:[/COLOR] 70% of my tests have been in Multiplayer, So this map should work in MP, since im designing it for MP play [COLOR=red]PPS:[/COLOR] Please don't PM me for stuff from my map, i've already recieved 5 PMS from people over night, i'm glad that your interested, but I won't be releasing the source files, only to people i know who can use them well.


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#2 12 years ago

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2nd May 2016

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#3 12 years ago

Well it looks great and i must say im a FF staff and i would like to have that on my site but i dont work there so its not my job however you shouldnt really be posting that kind of stuff unless you really want it posted on lots of other sites, the sites may have already posted those files that you put and are awaiting the file to be completed, just a thought gl with it!


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21st January 2006

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#4 12 years ago

Wow! Looks amazing! Your skins are always very good.


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22nd January 2006

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#5 12 years ago

cool cool cool cool. You are awesome arcane!!!!!!!