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7th April 2007

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#1 10 years ago

Ok, i have downloaded zero editor, i have an idea for a map, but i have some issues with the program. please no one tell me to read the documentation because none of it makes sense to me. Issues -cannot place/move/insert/do anything with objects -cannot find terrain tiles to make actual terrain. -camera gets messed up whenever i move it from perspective to ortho. or when i leave zero editor and come back in i cannot see my map due to the camera. -i can open standard maps, but i cannot rotate objects. i'm used to program's such as Autodesk Inventor (extremely powerful 3d modeling program) so such a poorly designed program is completely foreign to me. i mainly need to know about the camera, objects and terrain tiles. thanks in advance.



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14th September 2007

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#2 10 years ago

Zero Editor isn't a 3D modeling program nor is it poorly-designed. It's pretty straightforward and, provided you read the docs, is easy to pick up on. We have such helpful tabs like "terrain" or "object." The only thing moderately difficult are the keyboard shortcuts, and I'll be happy to lay out the basic ones for you. "Tab" controls whether the camera is fixed or whether you can control it with the WASD keys. Tab on for movement. "Z," "X," and "C" each control various different aspects of movement or rotation. Select an object and hold down one of those keys to see what they do. (Note that the red, green, and blue lines representing different axes are controlled by your mouse buttons - red to left mouse, green to right mouse, and blue to center mouse.) To place objects you should be putting the proper associated files in your modmap's world folder. Look at the stock maps and read the documentation to learn how. Most of this is just going to boil down to how much time you're willing to spend trying to learn the docs. If they don't click right away just keep reading them and working at them, it's the only way you'll get places, modding-wise.