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26th January 2006

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#1 13 years ago

Could someone make a mod that turns off the award weapons/power-ups? I find the auras and different weapons that apppear in-game quite annoying, and I was just wondering if those could be removed from the game, or at least have the auras not appear.


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#2 13 years ago

I have a diffrent problem :} how can I earn a DEMOLITION bonus? where is the critical spot in vehicles? :}


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21st January 2006

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#3 13 years ago

Critical Hit Areas, let's see here... AT-AT - Neck joint AT-TE - The box under the belly Republic/Imperial Tank - Circle at the back AT-ST - Box on the back between the legs AT-RT - Box on the front underneath the driver's spot LAAT - Cockpits Snail Tank - Rear wheel Spider Droid - Leg joint (where it meets the body) AAC-1 - Black Cilinders Hailfire Droid - Box underneath driver's spot That's all I could remember so...