Battlefront 2 Crashing to black screen & Found positive on Antivirus Programs -1 reply

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10th April 2007

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#1 10 years ago

As of late a lot of Australian Battlefront 2 players have been Having problems running Battlefront2. The Aisian Pacific cd rom version ( Sold in Australia) , is now prevented from playing by most anti virus programs. It is being detected as a key logger & exhibits other virus like behaviour (Most likeley part of its anti piracy measures). Battlefront2 will crash after you select launch the maps in instant action. It just locks up on the normally brief black screen with the cursor and a little white bar at the lower left part of the screen. It also crashes in multi player. Free anti virus programs such as AVG & Avast cannot be tweaked to enable battlefront 2 to run, since the latest batch of anti virus updates. Previous to the updates they worked fine. Even turning the virus busters off dosent work .. they have to be completley uninstalled before Battlefront 2 will work again. In the case of Avg the registry has to be manually edited to get rid of AVG completeley before Battlefront2 will work again. The USA cd rom versions of battlefront2 do not seem to be affected. Most commercial anti virus programs should be able to be tweaked to allow exceptions on certain applications, I was using AGV, but have had to make the switch to Kaspersky, it automatically asked if battlefront2 was to be made an accepted aplpication. Since then i have had no more problems with running Battlefront2. Battlefront 1 is not affected.........