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#1 8 years ago

Alright, it all started yesterday when I downloaded the Ultimate Battlefront: Clone Wars mod by Xavious. After playing the mod online with a friend I decided to go on a normal server with a GCW era (Tantive IV ctf). There, I chose rebels and found I only had 2 classes there: smuggler and bothan spy. I switched teams to the empire which had all classes. Right when I spawn, the game crashes. It does this everytime I try playing GCW online. It's alright when I do CW, but why just GCW? I've done reinstallation multiple times and made sure I follogcwed instructions in the Ultimate Battlefront: Clone Wars mod (even downloaded the 1.3 that was linked in the readme). Of course, yesterday, I had a problem in reinstallation to where it'd freeze up in this one area on the first disc. The next day, it installed perfectly with no error unlike how I had the same Input/Output error (frozen installation at the same file) 50 times in a row the day before. I've even compared SIDE lvls with a friend of mine who had no mods and it was all the same, yet I still have the same issue. Is it a disc problem or something else? Please help.