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#1 10 years ago

I'm new here but forget I said that.. Ugh, well I had some mods and I installed Rhen Var: Temple (Love your maps Dann) but was unable to play it. Since then, most maps with custom assets (I think) I am unable to play. I re-installed BF2, failure again. So I uninstalled BFX2 and re-installed that thinking that, and I made it worse. [COLOR=Red]Example: Death Star Conquest BFX CW, I get this, FATAL: Could not open MISSION\dea1a_con.lvl[/COLOR] [COLOR=Black]And that happens with the failure-maps.

Any help would be nice... :(

And here is a link to a screenshot of my addon folder (So someone can see if it's messed up)

I have these "Big" Mod installed, V1.3 Full, BFX2, Conversion Pack 2 [/COLOR]