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#1 11 years ago

I have probably been playing SWBFII since the day it came out, but I'm new to modding for about a week or two now. I have made a few test maps (using Fierfek's Guide) but when I munge the file to test it in-game.... or try to package the mod for a release.... i realize that I am missing the _lvl_pc folder in my map data folder and with it the core.lvl and misson.lvl files... I followed the instructions but I don't have them..... can anyone help??

In short.... I am missing the mission.lvl file

Also... when you munge a mod for the "final" time to test it in game.... where do you remove it??

Could I be missing the mission.lvl files... because of Vista??? Because Fierfek's guide shows him using Vista but he has no issues....