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#1 4 years ago

[SIZE="3"]So I am following the tutorial "BF2 Jedi Creation" supplied with the mod tools. I was working on making my own side "JDI" I added the "jdi_demojedi" character to my map because I thought he was cool. :rolleyes: But I also added my own character to the JDI side "jdi_jojomasta" :lookaround: I finish it, and munge it, and then run the level in-game. What happens is it crashes to desktop right as it loads the last red circle. I know that the sides are causing this because if I remove them it works. However, it would be cool if my sides could be in my game. I will include a link to download my SIDE, JDI.[/SIZE] [SIZE="4"]Here it is: JDI - Download - 4shared - JoJo Masta[/SIZE] [SIZE="3"]So I will show exactly what is in my JDI side. :nodding: Hopefully someone can help! :) That would be awesome! :cheers:[/SIZE]

So...this is my JDI folder: Starting with the "effects" folder.

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"com_sfx_groundcrack2.tga" "com_sfx_lukesmash.fx"

That is all for the effects folder. It is what was in the jdi_demojedi tutorial. :yum:

Now for the "msh" folder.

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"all_inf_tatooinelukeskywalker.msh" "all_inf_tatooinelukeskywalker.msh.option" "all_inf_tatooinelukeskywalker.tga" "all_inf_tatooinelukeskywalker.tga.option" "all_inf_tatooinelukeskywalker_head.tga" "all_inf_tatooinelukeskywalker_head.tga.option" "all_inf_tatooinelukeskywalker_low1.msh" "all_inf_tatooinelukeskywalker_low1.msh.option" "all_weap_lightsaber_luke.msh" "all_weap_lightsaber_luke.msh.option" "all_weap_lightsaber_luke_2nd.msh" "all_weap_lightsaber_luke_2nd.msh.option" "bluelightsabre.tga" "bluelightsabre.tga.option" "greenlightsabre.tga" "greenlightsabre.tga.option" "jdi_jojomasta.msh" "jdi_jojomasta.msh.option" "jdi_jojomasta.tga" "jdi_jojomasta.tga.option" "jdi_jojomasta_cape.msh" "jdi_jojomasta_cape.msh.option" "jdi_jojomasta_cape.tga" "jdi_jojomasta_cape.tga.option" "jdi_jojomasta_low1.msh" "jdi_jojomasta_low1.msh.option" "rep_weap_inf_lightsabre.msh" "rep_weap_inf_lightsabre.msh.option" "violetlightsaber.tga" "violetlightsaber.tga.option"

That is all for the msh folder. It has the jdi_demojedi textures and models along with my edited textures and models. e.i. jdi_jojomasta :beaming:

And now the "munged" folder.

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"obiwan.anims" "obiwan.zaabin" "obiwan.zafbin" "tat_luke.anims" "tat_luke.zaabin" "tat_luke.zafbin"

Okay. So the obiwan animations are for my jdi_jojomasta character. And the tat_luke animations are for the jdi_demojedi. :thatsgreat:

So now on to the "odf folder. =p

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"all_inf_tatooinelukeskywalker_cloth.odf" "com_weap_inf_force_push.odf" "com_weap_inf_force_push_exp.odf" "com_weap_inf_force_pudh_ord.odf" "com_weap_inf_lightsaber.odf" "com_weap_inf_sabre_throw.odf" "com_weap_inf_sabre_throw_ord.odf" "imp_weap_inf_forcechoke.odf" "imp_weap_inf_forcechoke_ord.odf" "jdi_demojedi.combo" "jdi_demojedi.odf" "jdi_demojedi_exp.odf" "jdi_jedi_default.odf" "jdi_jojomasta.combo" "jdi_jojomasta.odf" "jdi_jojomasta_cape_cloth.odf" "jdi_weap_demo_saber.odf" "jdi_weap_lightsaber_jojomasta"

Those are the odfs. The tutorial luke ones, and mine. :lolpoint: on to the "req" folder.

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"jdi_demojedi" "jdi_jojomasta"

Just the tutorial and my req files.

And also the side req "jdi"

So any help with this would be really awesome, and [SIZE="3"]GREATLY[/SIZE] appreciated. :)


Thanks, JoJoMasta :newbie: