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28th January 2010

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#1 11 years ago

Hey guys,

In my introduce thread I just posted, that I have a problem in SWBF2. Here's a thread, where I describe it a little more.

Well, I start SWBF2 as always. I click on a profile and go to "Soforteinsatz" (german word for it - it is the section where youc an choose any map and play that). But if I added a map and wanna start, it hanging. Only the "Back" button stays, but you can't see the font (not important). More than 10 minutes later it loads for hours...I haven't play SWBF2 ever on my computer, only on dad's laptop. But i wan't to play it on my computer, 'cause on dad's laptop the sound is very dead and I can't play it if I want. I activated the task manager, who says, that the processor is load. At SWBF the processor is also load, but I can play it. What's wrong? My hardware is right.

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#2 11 years ago

I have a similar problem too. When I start the game (or load any map) the screen turns black and takes an extra 35-40 seconds to just get to the normal loading screen. And most of the time the back button still shows too, its just a screen glitch. The game does eventually load though and plays fine with 20-30 FPS. For me, I know it has to do with my processor or other hardware because I'm using a laptop.

Now, I don't have much suggestions for you because I don't think there's a way to fix it unless you get a hardware upgrade. You could try changing your processor settings and other other tweaks listed here.