Star Wars Battlefront 2 mod tools: Config.ini not found! PLEASE HELP!!! -1 reply

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31st December 2008

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#1 10 years ago

Okay, so I apparently accidently posted this on the swbf forums, for that im sorry. But my problem is, is that this is probably the 5th time ive downloaded the swbf2 mod tools, only to be dissapointed when I find the pandemic map editor (zero editor) and I click on it. The what happens is that the loading screen comes up then it says: Config.ini not found. And I cant go any further. I have no idea what the problem is, if someone can help me that would be great.

P.S. Before, I tried installing star wars battlefront2 mod tools in the "BFBuilder" folder, which wasnt there so I made it. It still didn't work. SOMEONE HELP!!! I rely want to make maps for star wars battlefront 2, I honestly don't care about the mod part of it. I also map for Empire at war and FOC expansion, which I am quite prominent at, and all my maps have got above a 7.5 in ratings. I am a noob to swbf2 map making, so please help me!!:(:(:(

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6th September 2008

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#2 10 years ago

OK, the mod tools for BF2 are a little different from BF1 or EAW. First, when you install, it should go straight to C: drive. That's the default location, and it should not go anywhere else, or it won't work.

Second, to use ZE, you have to create a map. In C:/BF2_ModTools/data/_BUILD , run Mod Tools Visual Munge.exe . Follow the prompts to create the mpa you want. Click "Create World." It will take a while, but the result should be that the entire data folder has been copied and renamed to data_*** (that *** is the 3-letter name you specify). It will be found in C:/BF2_ModTools/data_***. From that folder you can run ZE without the "config.ini" problem.

BTW, water, objects, skies, and skins/sides also require many more files. Read the docs (C:/BF2_ModTools/documentation) to find out how to do them.