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23rd October 2008

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#1 9 years ago

I'm having a clear out of all maps and mods I no longer want, which includes the kotor galactic conquest mod. I know how to install it, but I seriously need help to uninstall it. There's no rush, as I don't use it, but I would like to know soon.

I'm trying to untinstall some changes I made a while back and what I want to do right now is delete the kotor galactic conquest (I made another thread earlier about that) and restore the side skins. I've been trying to restore the sides for a while and the best Iv'e got is the classic BF2 HUD to come back. The maganaguard still has a cape, the imperial engineer still looks like an officer would, and the clone commander isn't back to the big gun and pruple armour skin. Somebody please help me restore the sides to what they origonaly looked like.


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#2 9 years ago

I've merged your threads because they were both basically on the same topic. Let's keep everything nice and tidy, shall we? Thanks. :don:

How about simply uninstalling the game, manually removing all residual files and folders and then installing the game again? I don't know what other mods you have installed and how long would it take you to install them again, but it's an option.


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#3 9 years ago

You obviously installed the SWBF Conversion Pack (2.0) because the KotOR mod is included in it. The only way to uninstall the KotOR mod is uninstall the SWBF Conversion Pack. Read the Docs that come with the SWBF Conversion Pack and it explains everything. Also, to remove the Hud, new Sides, etc. Go into (default directory) C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Battlefront II\GameData\AddOn\AAA-v1.3patch and run "Menu.bat". Follow the on-screen steps to install/uninstall any of the features.