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We are a military democracy with a fleet breakdown into Task Groups for all supported games ( Star Wars : Empire At War. Any one with any of the aformentioned game is welcome to join Bs| as long as they are not currently serving in another fleet/clan that supports the game. We have much more to offer, see below for a few reasons why we are the best of the best. * Increased enjoyment of online gaming * Star Wars-only atmosphere and member pool * Diverse fleet with people from all around the globe * Military-style command structure * Stable Fleet structure " THE BLACKSQUADRON MILITARY HISTORY AND OVERVIEW After the Republic Incursion had ended with the Battle of The Last Line in 2284, the remnants of the Empire looked upon itself and saw an Empire fast on its way to falling apart. Its Fleet was decimated, Coruscant had been gutted, and the Empire's reach extended only so far as the few outlying systems beyond Coruscant. Those member races of the Empire that had not been subjugated or wiped out in the Incursion now found themselves free from Imperial constraint...(Click For More ) " Yours, NagaSadow.