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Hi there i represent Fleet RFA... "Royal Federation Alliance" We are a Star Trek based gaming fleet that supports SFC EAW "empires at war" SFC OP "orion pirates" SFC UAW "universes at war mod" Armada 2 Bridge Commander We also support a variety of non ST gaming...exc. "battle for middle earth","freelancer"...etc... The RFA is a rank based fleet made of of over 40 members in a very friendly atomosphere. We have a fleetsite up with forums....provide game training...discuss sci-fi etc...and participate in many tournament events via Gamespy Arcade as well as Dynaverse. We are now recruiting for new members...especially those interested in SFC Orion Pirates along with the new SFC "universes at war mod" for Orion Pirates provided by our friend Chris Jones. The UAW mod for OP basically gives orion pirates a TNG feel..."for those of us who thought SFC three was a tad lacking in skillz!!! Chris has been working on this mod for several years now and its nearly balanced...definitely playable tho and incredible for you TNG fans. To join the RFA visit our website and register...or just come visit and tour the site...Good Hunting everybody... RFA[aSa]-Grand Admiral Warchild http://www.universeatwar.org/RFA/forum.php