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12th July 2009

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#1 9 years ago

I am just doing my own personal mods, just random things adding more to hangers, increasing space pop cap for huge battle ect. I am playing conquest with my mods only(Not single player) I usually play on the 55 planet map.

The first thing though, sometimes if I have a full fleet there will be too many units coming out of hangers and it will get pretty laggy, is there any mod perhaps that can help smooth out large battles without reducing my hanger units? (Pretty sure its not the computer slowing down, I got 4 gigs, 945 x4 and 9800 geforce)

Right now I have a few thing I have no idea how to do:

Space stations: How do I make space stations go above 5? I guess just add another one in the starbases.xml? Is there any easy programs to make them look different?(Ex. space station lvl 6, I would want it to be bigger and have a few more turrets than lvl 5) I have no problem understanding everything in the xmls, but I'm not really a hard core modder and changing appearances of things sounds kinda hard to do?

I also would like to increase the hit points of the more important parts of ships/bases (Hanger and Shield generator) I think they die too fast imo, can I change their health individually, or add more shield gen/hangers?

I read you can replace long range scanners and make those another space station, how do I do this? And can I make it have to be built lvl 1-5 or would it have to be a set space station level? Would the AI build this or would I have to do scripts to tell them to build the second space station(And how would I do that?)


How do I add more planets?(I want it to appear in the conquest 55 planet galaxy, if it matters) I am guessing theres probably some planet Terran/space editor? If my only option is using duplicate planets(and giving them a different name and position) that is fine with me, actually that would probably be less work on my part.

I read some people making planets pirate controlled, that would be neat to do but I am not sure how, as well maybe giving the hutts control of their planet off the beginning of the game as well?


First off I copied the "assault"(Increased weapon firing speed, no shield or speed reduction) from thrawn and put that on the Acclamator, Victory and Star Destroyer, I wanted it to be a short burst with a cooldown(longer than the "power to weapons") but when I click assault it starts the power to weapons cooldown or vise vera as well. Is there any way to put them on separate cool downs?

I wanted the Star Destroyer with both power to weapons and assault(Like mentioned above) but when I add the power to weapons it doesn't appear only tractor beacan I hide the tractor beam, but still have it on auto cast?

A few hard point questions, I read from my old posts increasing tactical health doesn't effect the hard points but only total health of ship before it is destroyed, it seems to increase the hard points damage because the ship dies when the hard points are destroyed, is this false information?

How do I add a hard point to a ship, and how do I choose where on the ship it is?

Are hard points damage(damage they do to other ships) separate from the damage found under the ships xml?

I wanted to add Darth Vader's Super Star Destroyer(And probably a few other units) as a trainable ship(Obvously with a balanced cost and build time) I would like it to only be trainable after Darth Vader is created and with Star Destroyer planet restrictions, is that possible?(this part isn't that big of a deal) Do I just copy and paste Darth Vader ship's data into the capital ship xml? (I am sure I can figure out changing the picture/sounds to look like a star destroyer or something), not worried about making AI build it, I make my mod to play imperials.

Can I make duplicates of units? but say have one a more advanced version of the other? Just an Ex. I have an Acclamator with Tech 1, now when I gain Tech level 2, I want to have an option create a more powerful Acclamator,(but still be able to build the old Acclamator that only needed tech 1) that has more health/damage/shields/hardpoints/more hanger units ect., with an increased buildtime/cost?

If it is not to hard, is there anyway I can add my own pictures for ships icons?

I think that's it for questions now, will probably have plenty more that I will think of later, thanks for any help/info.

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9th November 2010

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#2 9 years ago

1.) For the space stations, the appearance won't really be changed unless you have models that have versions for the increased levels above 5. For the hangar and shield generator health, you would have to go into hardpoints.xml and hardpoints_underworld.xml, and increase the tactical health of each to higher (I believe anyhow). I'm not quite sure how adding a space station to replace the sensor thingy would work, but more than likely it is possible.

2.) You would have to go into planets.xml. It would probably be simpler to just copy and paste a planet, and change the name, tooltip, ability (or advantage), maybe create a space map and ground map for it. To probably place it in the GC thing (Not sure it's name, I forget atm b/c I'm not looking at the XMLs), you would have to change the coordinates, as to placing it in a GC, you would have to edit the GC's campaign XML (GCs are kind of called campaigns I believe).

3.) I honestly am not sure how you would separate them, considering when I had Thrawn and multiple victory cruisers selected, and hit Thrawns "Assault", it also activated the Power To Weapons... they may be hard-linked in which case it wouldn't be possible. To add a hardpoint to a ship, simply copy and paste an existing one, and change it according, of course the attachment bone and firing bones, example:


To add the Executor, I'm not sure if Vader automatically gets it or not... but if he doesn't, the way to add it is the same way to add every other ship, this is my code that I used:

0.01 TEXT_UNIT_SSD_EXECUTOR Calamari_Cruiser Rebel_Star_Base_5 Krayt_Class_Destroyer Y-wing B-Wing Skipray_Blastboat TEXT_TOOLTIP_EXECUTOR TEXT_ENCYCLOPEDIA_CLASS_SSD

100.0 100.0


1 EV_ExecutorStarDestroyer.ALO

5 2

800 -50

1.0 0.999 0.24 Yes true Armor_SSD Shield_SSD

0.5 0.02 Space SuperCapital -500.0 0.1 3 .02 .02 0.05 Yes 1 0.3

Empire 5 0 0 5 MonCalimari, Kuat, Fondor, Sullust, Hypori, Mandalore 1 1 70 18000 7000 9000 150 99000 1000 super yes

Empire 40 15000 45000 90 Yes No 8 TIE_Fighter_Squadron, 4 TIE_Fighter_Squadron, 16 TIE_Interceptor_Squadron, 6 TIE_Interceptor_Squadron, 24 TIE_Bomber_Squadron, 4 TIE_Bomber_Squadron, 16 TIE_Defender_Squadron, 1 TIE_Defender_Squadron, 5 8


Yes Large_Explosion_Space_Empire Large_Damage_Space

Damage_Normal, Executor_Death_Clone 6000.0 2200.0


Unit_Select_Vader_Executor Unit_Move_Vader_Executor Unit_Fleet_Move_Vader_Executor Unit_Attack_Vader_Executor Unit_Guard_Vader_Executor Unit_Barrage_Vader_Executor Unit_Asteroids_Vader_Executor Unit_Nebula_Vader_Executor EHD_Bombard_Select_Target EHD_Bombard_Incoming Unit_Health_Low_Vader_Executor Unit_Health_Critical_Vader_Executor True HARD_POINT_WEAPON_LASER, Unit_Lost_Laser_Vader_Executor HARD_POINT_WEAPON_MISSILE, HARD_POINT_WEAPON_TORPEDO, HARD_POINT_WEAPON_ION_CANNON, Unit_Lost_Ion_Vader_Executor HARD_POINT_SHIELD_GENERATOR, Unit_Health_Critical_Vader_Executor HARD_POINT_ENGINE, Unit_Lost_Engines_Vader_Executor HARD_POINT_GRAVITY_WELL, HARD_POINT_FIGHTER_BAY, Unit_Health_Low_Vader_Executor HARD_POINT_TRACTOR_BEAM, Unit_Lost_Tractor_Vader_Executor HARD_POINT_ENABLE_SPECIAL_ABILITY, Unit_Respawn_Vader_Executor Unit_Respawn_Vader_Executor SFX_Asteroid_Detonation Unit_Star_Destroyer_Idle_Engine_Loop SFX_Death_Bombard EHD_Build_Vehicle EHD_Unit_Canceled Unit_Star_Destroyer_Idle_Engine_Loop Unit_Star_Destroyer_Moving_Engine_Loop Unit_Star_Destroyer_Cinematic_Engine_Loop

Capital | AntiFrigate yes Yes True 1000.0 0.0 400.0 5.0 Capital


Yes i_radar_Executor.tga 1.0 1.0 0.4 0.4


TRACTOR_BEAM SPEED_MULTIPLIER, 0.8f Executor_Tractor_Beam_Attack_Ability 20 Unit_Tractor_Beam_Vader_Executor Unit_Star_Destroyer_Tractor_Beam True DEPLOY_SQUAD 5 Unit_Deploy_Squad_Vader_Executor

User_Input Transport | Corvette | Frigate | Capital Millennium_Falcon Buzz_Droids, Rebel_Star_Base_1, Rebel_Star_Base_2, Rebel_Star_Base_3, Rebel_Star_Base_4, Rebel_Star_Base_5, Empire_Star_Base_1, Empire_Star_Base_2, Empire_Star_Base_3, Empire_Star_Base_4, Empire_Star_Base_5, Pirate_Asteroid_Base, Skirmish_Rebel_Star_Base_1, Skirmish_Rebel_Star_Base_2, Skirmish_Rebel_Star_Base_3, Skirmish_Rebel_Star_Base_4, Skirmish_Rebel_Star_Base_5, Skirmish_Empire_Star_Base_1, Skirmish_Empire_Star_Base_2, Skirmish_Empire_Star_Base_3, Skirmish_Empire_Star_Base_4, Skirmish_Empire_Star_Base_5, Underworld_Star_Base_1, Underworld_Star_Base_2, Underworld_Star_Base_3, Underworld_Star_Base_4, Underworld_Star_Base_5, Skirmish_Underworld_Star_Base_1, Skirmish_Underworld_Star_Base_2, Skirmish_Underworld_Star_Base_3, Skirmish_Underworld_Star_Base_4, Skirmish_Underworld_Star_Base_5, Hutt_Asteroid_Base, Skirmish_Hutt_Asteroid_Base 10 2000

0.8 0


30000 95 Tactical_Units 1 1

To have an improved version of a unit to be buildable, you must copy and paste the units code, and hardpoints, and tweak to you liking, such as shield points, tactical health, build time, build cost, projectile damage. And Finally, to add pictures of your own for units, again, you must have the MDT editor, and the two MT_Commandbar files located in textures.meg. They must be of correct size and such as well.


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#3 9 years ago
thejuggla1;5509805How do I make space stations go above 5?

As far as I'm aware, you can't. I tried it myself for quite a while and could never get it to work.


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12th July 2009

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#4 9 years ago

A little late but I forgot I made this post LOL!

I was just recently jumping back into modding this then I remember about this post. I've downloaded the MTD as well as a map/terran editor that I'm gonna mess around.Gonna give some of the stuff a try shortly but a few things I didn't ask/thought of on last playthough:

Can I make Turbo Laser Turrets not take up a building space? Since they have fixed spots I don't think they should count. Same with shield generators I believe?

Is there some sort of editor to change where Turbo Lasers, building/factory are in land combat? As well as increase amount of land building and spawn locations.

Edit: I'm not sure what all the units script lines do, but perhapss its box size I'm looking for? Anyways when I make a second version of say an acclamator I want to emphasize it by making it slightly bigger than the "previous" version to show a difference in space battle.

For adding a planet: I understand the planet.xml stuff, the other file you speak of I am not sure what file it is?

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18th September 2009

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#5 9 years ago

A ship can't have Assault and Power to Weapons, they're the same abilities, except with different names Thrawn's Assault Ability POWER_TO_WEAPONS WEAPON_DELAY_MULTIPLIER, 0.3 SPEED_MULTIPLIER, 2.0 CAUSE_DAMAGE_MULTIPLIER , 2.0 50 7 TEXT_TOOLTIP_ABILITY_ASSAULT_NAME TEXT_TOOLTIP_ABILITY_ASSAULT_DESCRIPTION i_sa_assault.tga Unit_Barrage_Thrawn Acclamator Power to weapons ability power_to_weapons 20 WEAPON_DELAY_MULTIPLIER, 0.5f SHIELD_REGEN_MULTIPLIER, -3f ENERGY_REGEN_MULTIPLIER, 1.0f SPEED_MULTIPLIER, 0.5f 60

Unit_Barrage_Acclamator Both are a power to weapons type, so they can have both abilites.


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12th July 2009

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#6 9 years ago

Ok so I figured out on my own how to add a planet via copy and pasting an old planet changing position, making it spawn in "Equal Footing", making it spawn with units in control. However I am not sure which file I need to go to change the planet description/name ect.

I've made maps with the editor, where do these files need to be put, and how do I get my new planet to use these maps?

Is there some coordinates map that I can use to figure out what coordinates I am typing in Galactic Positioning without having to load up the game?