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16th July 2008

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#1 8 years ago

I'm having one of those days again... Can't seem to make a good map... I was going to make some but I'm so, so unmotivated... So can one of you mappers come and give me something to help me out?

I feel like a black and white swamp monster movie theme is needed. In other words, I would like quiet little town, about 7-10 buildings, and abit farther out a foggy creepy swamp with a dianoga or two poppign out of the water, a swamp civ house by a river that doesn't spawn people, a large wooded area with a wampa spawner hidden by a large cliff, also Team 1's base by the town and out in the swamp Team 2's base. Can there be a little road that goes by the swamp? A cantina in the town would be nice. Can all this be around 8 to 10 patches in size, and could you throw in some mining buildpads around in the swamp, and a resource pad by the wampa cave, also some normal build pads out in the swamp and near both bases? This would be one heck of a map and a fun one at that.

So could some one do this map? I would love to have the teams getting lost in the swamp only to be found by a swamp wampa beast and mauled to death.

Well any takers?


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20th November 2007

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#2 8 years ago

I predict crickets.