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#111 8 years ago

Since in 2.4 you've noticed (don't know personally, using 2.3 still) missing model\entry for Tri Droid Ground, I have only some things to say about that freezing.

I did somewhat extensive search, found and read couple of threads on petroglyphgames forums, and this what I learned from it, and my own experience: - it freezes faster when AI has high population limit, and high Space_Tactical_Unit_Cap, - in 9/10 cases it happens when you, or AI calls in for reinforcements in space combat, - 1/10 cases it happens after space combat, on ground, - it can happen on\around any planet, - population, day doesn't have any influence on it, - when it happens those newly arrived starship don't have hard points (to be exact, they have them, and use them, but they're not showing), and you can't select them. If it happens on planet, then its similar: all units, or just newly arrived, aren't selectable, - after this happens, newly created units in Galactic View aren't selectable, but you can still select and move old, created before game going belly up, - after this point, it's Game Over - you can't do squat, - it doesn't fix itself, - it doesn't fix after reloading, - it doesn't fix after rebooting, - reinstalling, and starting new game doesn't fix it either, it happens somewhere down the line over, and over again.

My guess is similar to one of previous posters - game at some point have just too many things to track of, and goes bibbledy over it. I was able to finish, by increasing big ship population value, to greater than Space_Tactical_Unit_Cap allows, and decreasing additional population points from planets, starbases, and Space_Tactical_Unit_Cap itself.

Or if you want in your bug submission form:

Operating system: Windows XP SP3,

How much ram do you have installed: 4 GB psychically, System Properties says: 2.99 GB PAE,

Planet units stuck on: Random,

Unit that is stuck: Any that's created after game goes belly up,

How many game days you are at: Random, now with ZC, 190,

How many population points are you using: Random, now with ZC - 546/547,

Which scenario are you playing: Absolute Challenge, with all three sides,

Which side are you playing: Empire, Zann Consortium, probably Rebels too.

This is third time I've played GC with ZC, and third time it did what it did. I don't even remember how many times it "died" while playing with Empire... It did that on my old computer also (Barton XP 2600+, 1280MB RAM)

P.S. Why my previous post was deleted ? I don't see nothing in rules, or stickies in this subsection, that would valide that ?


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#112 8 years ago
Osuirof;5445052 P.S. Why my previous post was deleted ? I don't see nothing in rules, or stickies in this subsection, that would valide that ?

presumably because you're necroing? nobody has posted in this thread in a year and a half and the mod creator has been absent for a long time.

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#113 8 years ago

Your was deleted because the thread is over 2 years old. Its frowned upon to post in threads over 6 months old. Please refrain from posting again in a thread over 6 months.