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#1 10 years ago

Hey guys this is my try of a story scripting tutorial. Since most of the people think that the one that came with the map editor is too difficult I'll try to make this easier.

Let's start:

1. Basic Structure of a story event: ... ... Ok the Events work like an If - Then principle. The If thing is defined in the Event type, for example

STORY_CONQUER. That means that somebody has to conquer something. What and who has to conquer is

defined in the Event Parameters.


STORY_CONQUERHothFILTER_FRIENDLY_ONLYThe first parameter of STORY_CONQUER defines the planet that has to be conquered the second sets the

filter to make sure that the event fires only when you want it. FILTER_FRIENDLY_ONLY fires only when a

faction that is allied with the player conquers the planet and because you're the only one you're

allied with it fires only when you conquer it :P

Now we have the "If"-part so we still need the "then"-part. So let's say IF the player conquers Hoth

THEN he gets a Star Destroyer.


STORY_CONQUERHothFILTER_FRIENDLY_ONLYUNIQUE_UNITStar_DestroyerHoth1The Reward Type defines the "Then"-Part. The Parameters are used here as well to define this part

closer. In this case the first parameter tells the game which ship to spawn, the second where it spawns

and the third the amount of ships that spawn.

NOTICE!: The meaning and also the amount of parameters depends on which Event/Reward Type you use! E.G. for the Reward Type SCREEN_TEXT which makes a text appear in the left top corner you can't use

Star_Destroyer as first parameter entry, in this case you'd have to choose a text entry from the master

text file.

Now we're coming to the Prereq. The Prereq is used to define an event that MUST have happened before

this event can happen. You can put any event you can think of in there.


This is a STORY_ELAPSED that counts the seconds that you set as the first parameter. STORY_ELAPSED10STORY_CONQUERHothFILTER_FRIENDLY_ONLYUNIQUE_UNITStar_DestroyerHoth1Universal_Story_StartThe Prereq is Universal_Story_Start, so this event can only happen after the 10 seconds from

Universal_Story_Start are over.

Now the Branch stuff. You can think of any name for a branch. We'll name our Branch "Branch_01".


STORY_ELAPSED10Branch_01STORY_CONQUERHothFILTER_FRIENDLY_ONLYUNIQUE_UNITStar_DestroyerHoth1Universal_Story_StartBranch_01As you can see both events have the same branch entry now, that means they're both part of this branch. Branchs are useful if you want to disable or reset many events with a single event using the reward


Now Perpetuals. The tag perpetual tells the game if an event can happen more than one time.


STORY_CONQUERHothFILTER_FRIENDLY_ONLYUNIQUE_UNITStar_DestroyerHoth1Universal_Story_StartBranch_01trueSetting Perpetual to true makes the event ALWAYS firing when you conquer Hoth. Without this perpetual

it would only fire once.

Most of the Event and Reward Types and the meaning of their parameters can be looked up in the tutorial

that came with the eaw map editor.

Well I hope I could help you a bit understanding how the story scripts work :)


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#2 10 years ago

yay , im going to try and start a campain and nice tutorail very ehlp full!!

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#3 10 years ago

Beat me to it, nice Small Pox.