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T3h Piti

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9th March 2007

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#111 11 years ago

Important Update: Our mod, will no longer be for eaw. No the mod has not died, but the members of the Team including me, discussed the probability of switching to a new game, to which we all know well. The mod will now be for Dawn Of War: SoulStorm, yes im fully aware its not out yet and the tools wont be out for a while either, but we can get models rolling.

Of course with the change comes minuet losses. such are: Merchant Guild Crushed Legion Some Space Units: Capitals Dreadnoughts frigates

Empire upgrades Rebel Upgrades Zann upgrades other things needing the Eaw Gameplay

Some of you might say the lack of experience in coding for that game, i have numerous people helping us learn the coding which i here is quite simple.

Overall there is more Good than Bad in this Ordeal, sorry for anyone looking forward to this for Eaw: FOC

Contact me at [email][/email] or my xfire if you wish to talk to me.

~Black Legion Modding Team


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16th February 2007

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#112 11 years ago

does this thread need to be moved then to the DOW forum, as its no longer an EAW mod?